Terms and Conditions for Student Clients

1.    The proofreading of essays, dissertations, theses, and presentations for student clients includes the following:

  • Correction of spelling, punctuation, and formatting, and ensuring consistency throughout (i.e. –ise vs. –ize spellings)
  • Ensuring correct syntax and grammar
  • Condensing long sentences or paragraphs for ease of understanding
  • Making notes where the writing is unclear, so it can be rewritten by the student. This relates to lack of clarity due to the language, and not the clarity of the argument
  • Ensuring references match the correct style (e.g. Harvard) and correcting obvious spelling errors or inconsistencies in the references.

2.    Proofreading for students does NOT include:

  • Changing, rewriting or improving the argument
  • Translating directly from the author’s native language
  • Altering the structure of the document
  • Cross-checking references with external sources or making sure that in-text citations are included in the bibliography
  • Specifically reducing, or adding to, the word count of the document. Amendments may affect the final word count, but this does not include helping the student increase or reduce the word count to meet the assessment criteria
  • Fact-checking information
  • Implementing format from scratch for either the essay or the reference section
  • Making the work ‘more academic or professional’.

3.    Only completed essays and documents will be eligible for proofreading.

4.    The price charged is based around the starting word count of the document prior to proofreading, and not the final word count.

5.    Cross Editorial complies with standard university rules and practices. It is each student’s responsibility to make sure their department/supervisor allows their work to be read by a professional proofreader.

If you have any questions regarding the Terms and Conditions stated above, please do not hesitate to email me or contact me via the form below.

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